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February 10, 2010 Leave a comment

FAIL!Yesterday I had my first workout I couldn’t finish…. It felt so wrong. The workout was the following:

(1×21, 2×15, 3×9)

Pushpress (23kg)

Elbows to Knees

KB swings (12kg)

I failed miserably because i couldn’t get the pushpress right. Every time you are supposed to let the weight rest on your shoulders, I held it in front of my shoulders. The technique of it, or rather the lack of technique, blew my forearms away before I was even done with my third round.

It seems that I need to stretch my arms before my workout to properly execute a Pushpress/Clean&Jerk, the muscles in my arms aren’t long enough to get my elbows in the right position. I thought that stretching was overated, until I read this article. It seems I’m not the only one having trouble with the exercises.

The horrible, and wonderful thing about Crossfit in the beginning is that you are as strong as your weakest link. The pain in my back almost killed me the thirst couple of sessions and I can still feel it a day after a workout. Which means my back was in pretty bad shape.

And now, I discovered my second handicap. And, although it’s horrible, at least I know. (Stretching my arms every day now for about 5 minutes)

Thanks crossfit, for making me able to notice my handicaps, and thanks Melissa for making me confident I can overcome them!

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