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Gained 1 CM on each, in my first 20 Days.

February 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Now dont get me wrong, Im not the type of guy who gets on the scale every day he wakes up, nor will I do it once a week. But since I work out on regular bases I want to see some results (besides the big result of actually feeling healthier) and I am the type of guy that likes to see them fast! Who doesnt..

Unlike the “being healthier” part, you will not recognize your body is actually gaining muscle (It isnt like gaining fat, it takes some time and “before” pictures to notice the difference),

So when you want to see some results, what better way then to get a piece of string, strap it around (for example) your waist, hold the string next to a centimeter, write down the numbers and do the same process again in about 20 days.

That’s what I did. In 20 days I lost 0,8kg, my waist shrunk with 1cm, my neck with 0,5cm and both my biceps gained 1.

Whoohoo to the workouts!

(measuring should be during rest days).

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