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The “300”.

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment

I almost died today at my local crossfit gym. I was there for my third session (I only recently joined) and when I saw this workout, it wasn’t that impressive ┬áto me. Boy was I wrong…

Ok, I have to admit, 50 pullups is pretty die hard, and I couldnt do these without some elastic band to help my body get up there, everyone has limits and with pullups I have mine around 20 unaided. But the rest seemed pretty doable. The pullups went pretty fast, the boxjumps ok, but after the Sit-ups I was completely busted.

The heaviest of them all where, by far, the burpees (without the push ups that is). I was so wasted from the previous exercise that my body couldn’t manage more than 7 at a time.

Ok, here my time: 17.59. Which probably isn’t so bad for someone who just joined the gym.

If the picture is a bit blurry, this is the “300”:

50 Pullups

50 Boxjumps

50 Pushups

50 Sit-ups

50 KB swings (I used a dumbell of 9kg)

50 Burpees (without the actual Pushup)

After this one, u will probably feel like shit (at least I did).

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Finally, a Crossfit Gym nearby!

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment

While checking the website I stumbled across an actual crossfit gym nearby! I didnt really like the website (the colours are just wrong on that one), but I decided to get in touch with the trainer there.

Since the contact we had was very pleasant and I was looking forward to actually do some real crossfitting instead of only training at home. I decided to give it a try and ended up massively motivated and enthusiastic.

Since I train at least 2 times a week at home I started of visiting the gym 1 day a week. The technique required for certain skills (deadlifts etc) are pretty hard to master, but the personal coaching is awesome and the guidance you will receive from the trainer is nothing compared to “regular fitness”.

If you are thinking of exercise and want to do something else than pushing away machinery, I suggest you check out Crossfit! And when you are living in the region of Enschede, The Netherlands, you should get in touch with Crossfittwente! (dont let the website scare you off, just throw them an e-mail!)

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